How to make a gumpaste Macaron – tutorial

DSC06367 aDSC06371




Roll out some gumpaste approx 8mm thick


Cover with plastic wrap before cutting out the circle shapes, this gives a lovely smooth edge (I first saw this tip used by Lesley from the Royal Bakery )


Cut two circles using the above method


There, you have two lovely little Mac shells…


Using your choice of tool, score a line in the middle of your mac shells as shown


Now to create the “feet” of your macs, I used this icing tip (sorry not sure of its name) but it has little sharp points perfect for making the marks I want


Make little marks the whole way around, now your little mac shell is starting to look pretty real. Do this to both shells.


Roll out some white gumpaste, using the same circle cutter cut out the Mac “filling”, don’t use the plastic wrap method for this as we want the edges to be sharp rather than smooth.


Choose some petal dust that is a shade darker than your gumpaste


Lightly dust the Mac “feet”


There we go, four cute little Macaron shells, patiently waiting for their filling… using a bit of edible glue, adhere two shells around the filling…note the filling may stick out a teeny bit from the shells, just use your fingers to shape the filling and the shells until they fit nice and flush, and now you have some sweet little Macs!

mac logo

Ahhh Bless!

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