Wood Grain Cake Board Tutorial


This is a really quick tutorial showing how I made the wood grain effect on this cake board.


Colour enough fondant to cover your cake board. I wanted a light shade of wood so I used yellow with just little bit of brown. I also did not completey work all the colour through, only partially so there are natural “wood-like” streaks in the fondant.


Roll out fondant so its large enough to cover your cake board.


Cover cake board with the fondant (I used edible glue). Trim edges so they are lovely and tidy.


I have a wee wooden impression mat, I used it make random impressions all over the fondant. You may have a large one or if you don’t have one just use a Dresdon tool (or a knife or skewer) to make your own “wood-like” markings and impressions.


I put an emphasis around the edge of the board as the centre is going to be covered in cake.


Mark the wooden slots…or slats? …panels? you know what I mean, can you tell I have never drawn a straight line in my life! I guess you could use a ruler if you are really clever


I used the flat end of a wooden skewer to make the little nail holes


Mix brown gel colour with a wee bit of vodka to make a stain, using a pastry brush to paint the stain onto the fondant.


Paint long strokes, (I put paper towels underneath to save a bit of mess)


Using a bit of darker brown gel and a smaller brush, do some spot painting to create darker “woody” effects





Taaa-daaa! A beautiful wood grain board, just let it dry then you can place your cake on it!


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